OOTP Version: OOTP v18

Players: Historic Roster/Historical Rookies (Draft), Historic Minor’s and Fictional Added Players Draft plus HS and College.

Scouting System: On Accuracy set to LOW

Coaches: OFF

Trades: Final approval – Commissioner, Draft Pick Trading (current year only)

Rule 5: ON

CBA: 2012: ON

DRAFT: First 4 rounds through Utility

Waivers: 8 days

DFA’s : 21 days

Disable List: 10 days

Injuries: (OOTP Classic, NO Delay, Suspensions Enabled)

Player Personality Settings: ON, Morale ON

L/R Splits: Keep All

Minor Roster: Must be kept at a min or 20 players per.

Player Ratings: 1 to 100

Overall/Potential Ratings: 20 to 80.

Financials: 1970 plus 5%

DH: none to start vote for AL in 1972 Season, minors and feeders all have DH

Cards: ON

Sim Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 9AM est. (7 day sims)

Off Season: Try for a Sim a day

OOTP Updates: Latest v18 always patched

League OOTP Version Update: even years v20, v22, etc (after World Series of year being played)

Utilities: still deciding on Statlabs or Gretch’s

Starting Config: 1970 Majors (24 Teams) 17 Historical Minor Leagues, 1 Winter Development League, Feeders – 4 High school Leagues, 1 NCAA League (SEC, ACC, Big 12, Pac 12), plus Historical Rookies approx. 250 entered per each draft.