Free Agent Compensation

We use the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for FA comp. As such there no longer are Type A and Type B. It's just comp eligible. The losing team gets a sup round pick and the gaining team loses it's best round pick remaining. Unless it's the first round and the team has a protected pick. Then they lose the second round pick. (currently protected are the first 10 picks).


In addition, a team cannot sign a comp eligible FA unless it has a first, or second round pick remaining (has not traded them away). A team that does so is fined $500K and the player is edited back to being a free agent again. (penalty for potentially robbing another team of a signee)


Free Agent Compensation ends 1 April or the day the draft is uploaded to the utility whichever comes LATER.



All trades are subject to review by the commissioner. The goal is not to tell a gm how to run a team and there are some cases more sensitive than others. We understand that trades may seem fair to one person but others may have different opinions. However some trades may be vetoed if I feel collusion is involved or in cases where we feel a new gm does not have the best interest of their team in mind. Generally we strongly discourage interfering with other teams trades. The rare trades that will be vetoed will be explained and the trade will be allowed to be renegotiated.


Trading injured players

Neither Injured players or players on the DL, even if eligible to come off the DL and no longer injured, cannot be traded under any circumstances (Unless agreed to by both GMs).


Posting in Completed Trade threads

The commissioner will move the post in Trades Posted thread to the Completed Trades thread upon making the trade with the sim.The Completed Trade thread is a 'read only' thread. If there is any issue with a trade let the commissioner know via PM and we will discuss it between us.


Trading Offseason Free Agents

Offseason Free agents are not eligible to be traded until July 1st of the season in which they signed


Players to be Named

There will be no player(s) to be named allowed in trades. Why? It is simply too much work to keep track of and can lead to disagreements if a prospect blows up after the deal has been made but the player to be named has not been named.


Trades to another team's WDL team (United League)

Are allowed.


Salary Cap

There is currently no salary cap and currently no plan to implement one. If one is needed is needed in the future it will be phased in over time and will be voted on by the league with a simple majority need for it to be approved.


Ticket Prices

Not that its a problem in this league but sometimes we have individuals who might try to best the game engine with ticket prices. As a result the maximum on ticket prices to start is 9 dollars.



If you are not actively submitting exports you will be warned both via pm or SLACK and then on the boards...I want an active league, you do not have to post a ton on the board but you do need to be submitting team export files on a regular basis...if you are going to be gone for awhile post in the 'AFK forum'. If you are away and need something done, pm me and post in the Out of Game Transactions' and I'll do my best to accommodate.


Buying Players via Trade

Players can now be bought as it can be done in real life. However to not abuse this the amount will be capped at 350K dollars. Any trades involving more than $350K in cash will require commissioner approval and teams should post an explanation of the money over $350K in cash in the trade post.






No collusion if you are friends with somebody in the league and all the sudden start trying to make one of the two teams great and the other one not so great it won't fly...I doubt this is going to be a problem but it needed to be said. Also, if you share an IP address ( for example father and son ) you need to tell me about that! Otherwise it appears to be one person running two teams which is strictly forbidden.



There is a fine line between rebuilding and tanking. Normally, owners decide where the line is, by firing you (although, the real life commissioner's office has stepped in to combat owners tanking, too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Fi ... e_his_club) Because GMs can't get fired in this game, it is up to the commissioners to ensure that a competitive balance is maintained. Examples of tanking include, but are not limited to: sending established players down to the minors, keeping young players who are ready to contribute down in the minors or burying good players on the bench, without a reasonable alternative; giving playing time to horrible players when a better alternative is available at little to no cost; keeping fewer than 25 players on the roster for an extended period of time, etc.


The penalty will be loss of your top draft pick after being warned and a discussion about why the commissioner feels that the GM is tanking his team.


Coach/Scouts Signings

The league currently only uses Scouts, which should be signed immediately upon gaining access to your first League File. From there you can renew or fire your Scout as you see fit, Remember Scout accuracy is set to Low and thus Potential Ratings have a good chance to be off by 15-20%. Coaching is turned off and and we have no plans to turn it on.


Forum Posting

Try to be civil on the forums we want debates and activity, we don't want it to get out of hand which it easily can....please don't make the league officials have to be the forum police...have fun talk trash enjoy the league but try to keep at least a degree of civility to it all. There are more detailed guidelines in the Rules Tab in the Navigation Bar of the forum.


Trade Watch

All new GMs will be under a trade watch for the first season they play or offseason to all star game if they begin in the offseason or late in a season. All this means is that any deal they agree to will have to be approved by a commissioner. If a trade is questionable the commissioner will want to know why it is being done and make sure the GM knows what they are doing. The league encourages all GMs to have other GMs they run potential deals past.


Minor League Rules (INCLUDING Winter League)

Minor League rosters outside of your B/C League team(s) are limited to (AAA, AA) 27 players, and (A,WDL) 28 players. B/C league teams have no limit. Teams will be warned and then players will be reassigned or released if they are not complying with roster limits. The commissioners will accomplish this simply by running auto on the minor league setup for that team, allowing the AI to redistribute and release players as necessary. Rosters must naintain have a minimum of at least 20 players.


Winter Development League (United League)

Each team has a "normal" AA team and also a Winter Development League team (it's the AA team in the system with the league initials "WDL". Winter League Rosters are capped at 28. Winter League is a AA equivalent league that runs during the off season for 2-3 months. It is a chance to develop prospects or teach them new positions. You can move any players from any other minors or XFBL (if options permit) to the WDL team to give them extra playing time. Just like the other minors, it's not a requirement to fill rosters completely, but a minimum of 20 players must be maintained during the WDLs active season schedule.


Hall of Fame Rules

The league has a Hall of Fame which is selected by the GMs. Additional players may be selected by the OOTP AI.

  • Currently, GMs will be allowed to propose three players each in the HOF 'year thread' at the end of the season.
  • Each candidate is listed as a poll with a yes, no question for selection to the HOF.
  • Selection requires 75% Yes votes.
  • Candidates may remain on the "ballot" for following years if not selected.
  • GMs are free to contact the Mets GM with suggestions for players to be considered.


Problems with another GM

If you have a major issue with another GM please don't turn the forums into a hate fest about it...if the problem is bad, you can always inform the commissioner about the problem and ask them to mediate. You can also ignore somebody if you need to either through will power or by using the foe option in your control panel.