Sim Times

Sims are one week long during the regular season (exceptions include sims to deadlines) and are run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.. Currently around 9AM EST. I try to announce in advance if sim times are going to change and there is a current sim schedule in a sticky post in the League Sims Info section of the forum. On occasion that will not be possible and just please be patient in that case. I'll try to keep everyone informed but please bear with me.


Off season sims lengths vary - generally will be 2-3 weeks and if possible will be run every day. The offseason sim schedule will be posted in a sticky note in the League Sims Info section.


Playoffs usually run every day, and the playoff schedule will be posted in a sticky note in the League Sims Info section. For the World Series if both players agree we can generally run multiple sims and move through the WS quickly. These games can also be run as Live Sims. We usually take a 2-3 day (real time) break before starting the off season schedule.



Waivers are set to 8 days. If a team claims a player off waivers and has a viable claim, the current team (the "waiving team") may choose one of the following options:

  • Arrange a trade with the claiming team for that player; or
  • Rescind the request and keep the player on its major league roster (if on revocable waivers); or
  • Do nothing and allow the claiming team to assume the player's existing contract, pay the waiving team a waiver fee, and place the player on its active major league roster.
  • If a player is claimed and the waiving team exercises its rescission option, the waiving team may not use the option again for that player in that season—a subsequent waiver would be irrevocable with a claiming team getting the player essentially for nothing.

Waiver claim priority:

  • Through Day 30 of the new season: Determined by previous season record
  • Through July 31: Worst record regardless of league
  • After trading deadline: Worst record in same league, then worst record in other league.
  • For revocable/irrevocable waiver rules, please reference this page: http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Waivers

The game is imperfect. Its waiver rules closely approximate the ones in the link above, but where they differ, we will use the in-game rules. Sorry if this leads to confusion, but it is the best we can do.


GM Handling of DFA's and sims

During the regular season the sims are one week. There are several sims to take care of moving DFAs. The sim is therefore run with the automated setting for the AI to handle DFAs. This is to preserve the sanity of the commissioner and keep the sim from exiting every time it comes across an expired DFA. The AI will attempt to demote a player to AAA if possible. If not the player is released. FA signings and waiver executions have even more time, however, since they have major league contracts, if the DFA time runs out, the AI will release them.


During the off season, because the sim length is longer, giving the GMs limited opportunity to handle the DFAs, the commissioner will handle them manually. However, you should attempt to handle them yourself, for example, not depending on the commissioner to fix something like a couple of FA signings sitting in DFA while the 40 man roster is full. We'll fix it but you might not like the result as we can't read your mind.


Cash on Hand

Cash on hand is capped at $1 million to start, anything you make over that will go to revenue sharing.


Compensation Picks for Free Agents Lost

This works just like it does in real life. There are "sandwich" picks just like in real life. The game does this automatically and the value is assigned by the game and there is nothing the commissioner can or will do about it.


Draft Picks

Amateur Draft Picks may be traded and drafted players may be traded immediately after the in game draft is processed. There are some rules for trading draft picks.


Draft pick trading rules:

  • Draft pick(s) may be included as part of a trade negotiation.
  • Draft picks only for the next upcoming draft may be traded. No out year picks may be involved.
  • Draft picks can be traded up until the beginning of that round in the utility.
  • The pick must be clearly listed in the posting, such as:



Boston sends:

SP Pedro Martinez

1st round draft pick

Angels send:

SP - Babe Ruth

SP - Cy Young

  • A team can only sign a comp eligible free agent if it still has a first or second round pick available. If a comp player is signed and the team does NOT have a first or second round pick in the next amateur draft, the contract is voided, the player goes back in the free agent pool and the signing team is fined $5M (penalty for robbing another team of signing that FA). If a team's first rounder is protected and their second is traded, then he MUST have a third round pick.
  • Picks in the Rule V draft or exchange of pick order for the Rule V draft may never be traded.
  • Draft picks can only be traded once - the new receiving team cannot then trade that pick in a second trade. Game can't handle it.


Rule V Draft Picks

Sometimes OOTP does not handle Rule V returns correctly. The procedure for returning a Rule V player to the original team is to do so in game, and also post in League Sim Info in the "New Rule V Return Thread" that you are doing so. Please also send the commissioner a PM by sending it to "Fredrocker". The game is getting better but sometimes it releases the player immediately after returning him. This will ensure that a check is made and the player returned to the original team.


Contract Rules

XFBL has a few rules regarding the signing of Free Agents and also the signing of players to extensions. These rules are listed below:


Signing young players to extensions;

No player will be allowed to be offered any type of contract until they have gone through a full year of arbitration. After they have gone through one year of arbitration the player can then sign up to a 5 yr contract length max. If a player goes through two or more years or arbitration there is 8 year XFBL Max) contract length.

  • If a player will not accept that contract length in negotiations you will have to give up and try again the next year.
  • No length limits on free agents or contract extensions of existing ML level contracts.
  • All contracts are also subject to the rules on team options.
  • Players whose status states during the regular season that they "may" be arbitration eligible are to be treated as if they are NOT arbitration eligible.
  • Violations of this rule will have a fine assessed of the dollar amount.


Rules Regarding Contractual Bonuses

MVP/Cy Young awards are capped at 10% of the average yearly salary offered to the player. This means if you offer a $1 million contract, you can offer a max of 100k in MVP incentives. A $25 million average contract can include up to $2.5 million in MVP/Cy Young incentives. This is to stop teams from offering significant portions of a player's salary as MVP awards they are very unlikely to receive, and to keep teams with this knowledge from gaming the system.


Innings Pitched and Plate Appearances awards are also capped. You cannot offer incentives for more than 650 PA or 220 IP. These are reasonable numbers that a normally healthy player can reach. The point of these incentives is to tie salary to time spent playing.


If you break either of these rules to get the player to sign with you:

  • MVP/CY bonus: The amount of the Bonus will be added every year and he will also get the bonus.
  • PA/IP bonus: The amount of the bonus will be added to every year of the contract just signed. Offer $1.5m in incentives for reaching 700 PA, and the player gets that much added on, guaranteed, every year. And if by some miracle he does make it to 700 PA, he gets the bonus again.


Team Option Rules

To limit the use of team options to sway the game players toward signing a contract whose terms they will never collect on, the following requirements must be adhered to:

  • All team options in contracts, whether free agent signings or extensions, must be accompanied by a 40% buyout.
  • If a contract is signed without the 40% buyout, then the option is converted to a final guaranteed year at the option offer salary.



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